At the very beginning, there were a meadow with one haflinger stallion and big plans for construction.








The idea to start breeding was born early in 2002. It was a trip to Spain with small stop in La Bastide de Serou, which decided it will be Mérens horses.

My first experience with them and a promenade on their back in the French Pyrenees convinced me, that these horses are exactly what Czech market is missing. So like that, before our house was built, we were preparing the right surroundings for horses and 19 December 2012 the first 8 of them arrived.


The herd was combined of one stallion, 6 mares and 1 gelding. The gelding was sold and mares with stallion should become founders of the breed of Meréns horses in Czech Republic. However, every beginning has its difficulties and we found out, our stallion Ixion isn't really licensed stallion. Even so, a number of foals had born before he was castrated in 2005 and we brought licensed stallion named Accoudoir to take his place. We bought him thanks to the dotation LEADR ČR from Departement of Agriculture. Unfortunately, after just few years, Accoudoir passed away in 2009 and was replaced by much younger stallion Ramouncho d'Olmes.

Meanwhile the residential area, social area, saddle room and a few camp sheds were built. In 2004, the first summer camp started and Ranch began to function as a touristic riding-school as well.

In 2012 we expanded our animal group with another breeds – 2 Czech brown goats, a herd of Cameroon sheep and a flock of Marans hens.





Ranč Ixion

Chrastiny 69 – Na Křižatkách

39701 Písek



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