Individual therapy

- Duration depends on patient's needs
- Therapy is led by a trained hippotherapist

Price: 200 Kč for one therapy


Group therapy - activities with a use of horses

- Includes partial preparation of a horse and dismantling
- It is possible to change up to 3 patients on a horse
- Maximum of 2 horses in an hour

Price: 300 Kč / 1hour/ horse with a guide

On our ranch we began with hippotherapy in 2004. Are you asking what the long ugly looking word stands for? Let's read the following lines, where you surely get to know something more about it.
Dealing with this kind of activity needs a financial support, therefore we founded a civic association called OS POHIP.
Hipporehabilitation is a treatment method suitable for a wide variety of patients. It does not depend on age, degree of physical or mental handicap. It can bring joy through beautiful partnership between horse and human to everyone. The treatment divides into 3 categories which specify therapeutical impact of the horse: hippotherapy, horse-based activities and sport-riding of handicapped. Each category respects conditions, which are the best for different group of clients and each one differs with its purpose and used methods.


In hippotherapy is used a motion of the horse a perception of its spine-movement. The horse influences the rider with its alternating pattern of walk, which is similar to humane. Simultaneously it constantly diverts the rider out of his center of gravity and so he subconciously tries to adapt and find balance. It leads to reinforcement of back, abdominal and gluteal muscles.
Hippotherapy belongs to most pleasant methods in medical rehabilitation. It's used to rehabilitate clients with following diagnoses connected with disorder of the nervous system, coordination and balance: cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cerebral stroke, Down's syndrome, incorrect body posture, asthma bronchiale, scoliosis, vertebrogenic syndrome, functional sterility, sensorimotor disabilities, etc.

Horse-based activities

They use a contact with the animal and experience of riding that beneficially applies to the human psyche. Methodics in application of pedagogical-psychological riding is highly varied. Great importance is put primarily on establishing patient-horse contact and on work in stables.
Into this form of cooperation are places clients with dyslexia, hyperactivity, educational problems, mental redardation and mental disorders (autism, neuroses, psychoses and tendency to self-harm).

Sport- and recreational-riding of handicapped

It extends sports activities of handicapped people and helps with their integration into society. In Czech Republic we organize events for handicapped in which the client actively controls the horse.
These activities contain among others preventive riding of healthy individuals. It has got a positive aspect both on physical and psychological side of human behavior. It significantly interconnects outdoor activities and animal contact.



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