Horseback riding


We make trips in nature in vicinity of ranch with a skilled guide. Difficulty of the ride is based on rider's experience. Another option is to use our riding circuit and ride under supervision in closed area.
Available both for beginners and experienced riders.
Minimum age for going in nature is 10 years and experience needed. For younger children is offered service "guided walks for children"

All services are necessary to order by phone or SMS at least 1 day in advance.
+420 606 704 404 (Martina Jestřábová).


Guided walks for children: 100CZK / 15min

Individual ride (1 person): 300CZK / 1 hour / horse

Group ride (2-6 persons): 250CZK / 1 hour / horse



Ranč Ixion

Chrastiny 69 – Na Křižatkách

39701 Písek



Martina Jestřábová
606 704 404

Jiří Chadraba
724 824 088